About Me

About Me:

Hello, I’m Bryan, and I’m a private massage therapist trained in male massage and connective touch therapy. My style is a fusion of Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage and Polynesian Lomi techniques.

Massage is medicine.

Pop culture has painted massage therapy as a decadent luxury, but accumulated studies have shown the health benefits of massage to be too numerous to ignore. Be it for stress or pain relief.

And besides the medicinal qualities of massage, the importance of touch cannot be understated. It is proven that touch deprivation can cause many medical and psych issues. (Check out these links here, here and here!)

In my blog and social media pages I discuss my experience with managing Type II Diabetes and how it has changed my life. And also, my adventures in keto and low carb dieting that has helped me maintain my 40’s bearish dude bod.

Massage is a part of my own self care routine and something I’m constantly learning new things about.

Having lived on a shoestring for many years, I understand that not everyone can afford having work done as much as they need, which is why I keep my donation rates competitive and affordable for the type of massage I practice.

Connected. Soothing. Healing. Grounding.

This is what I do. And It’ll be an honor to help awaken the healer that’s in you.

Thanks for checking out my page!

Yours in health,
The Humble MT