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Happy New Year!

Bryan the MT here! How ya doing?

Well, 2020 was hellish, huh?

Rolling into 2021 I’ll be here to help soothe your aching muscles and overtaxed nerves. Self isolation and working from home makes legit massage work even more important than ever.

I’m still here for you fellas, even with the PPE restrictions that will keep us all safe as we adjust to the new normal.

I’ll have a blog entry in the next week or so to go over what my experience was like in 2020, and how as a private masseur and college student I’ve had to pivot what I practice.

Until then, know that whatever you’re feeling I’m there with you. And I look forward to the day where our breath can intermingle in flesh and spirit without worry of kooties.

I’ll be updating sections of my sight in the first week of January discussing my practice, rates and what I offer. As always I appreciate your patronage and hope to see you soon!

Yours in health,
Bryan aka Cuojoe

(Updated 01-01-2021)

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