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Athlete, blue collar, office monkey, driver or sloth? Tense and sore from work, play or travel? Need relief from pain caused by continuous sitting, standing, working out, or past injury?

Then come over here and try me out!

My name’s Brian, and I’m a trained massage therapist in Glendale, CA. (Los Angeles Area) I specialize in an intuitive, connected touch massage for men. It’s a fusion of Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue that is touch focused and centered on relaxation.

If you come to me tense and sore, the massage will soothe your body in a firm but relaxing way, improving circulation and gently melting knots and tension with each stroke.

I offer my services to all men regardless of sexual orientation, age, race, hairiness or body type, etc. I’m a strong advocate of the use of massage, and touch, as medicine. As your MT I can promise you a comfortable experience that’ll soothe and relax you every time!

Thanks for visiting me! I look forward to working with you!

Yours in health,
Brian aka ‘Cuojoe’
The Humble MT

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